We create culturally relevant advertising
that is optimized for search engines as well.

We help tech companies in meeting audience and brand awareness goals.

Today’s advertising should use real insights to talk to real people.

Advertising, on its own, does not deliver the same dramatic results as it did 30 to 50 years ago. But, with the right insights and technology, advertising can be both culturally relevant, and optimized for search engines. This can lead to some great results.
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Some of the things
we believe in

Our finest hour is when we work with intriguing products, and with clients who have a long-term vision.

We value honesty, friendliness, and those who will continue on in the face of adversity.

Price promotions boost sales and market share on the short term. Their use can, however, devalue the brand and impact earnings over the long term.

We don’t believe that frequent shifts or changes in marketing strategy improve things. Frequent changes in direction tend to make things worse.

The impact most advertising has on sales rarely happens overnight. It occurs over time. It takes patience and perseverance before the results kick in.

What we do

Integrated campaigns

Reaching an audience is fine, but what about getting leads? Our approach to media planning will help you connect with your leads through content and video.


Getting the right tone and market positioning for your product is not as difficult as infusing the right amount of creativity in an ad. Creativity is what we’re good at.

Content advertising strategy

Each product has its unique features and capabilities. The strategy and tactics that we will propose to you will be precisely tailored to your product or service.

Marketing consultancy

Not sure if you’re marketing tactics are the right ones? Want some advice before you open your checkbook? We’ve helped numerous tech companies streamline their marketing processes and procedures.

Some of the companies that worked with us

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Working with BAW has proven to be a successful partnership for marketing our new brands. Our campaigns have all had great ROI and I would definitely recommend BAW Media for your next campaign.
Mitch Skolnik
Community Manager at Elegant Themes